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Wednesday, May 16th 2007

11:36 AM

Oooh! Is that even possible???

More rambling on things I've learned to double check while writing sex....
Have you ever read a sex scene and thought "Damn! How did they do that?" And then read it again, and still couldn't see it? Granted, romance, especially erotic romance, takes some artistic license with sex in certain areas such as the "how long," "how often," and "how oh-my-god amazingly mind-blowing was that!" What we read may or may not be what we've experienced in our own personal lives, but that's not what I'm talking about (because let's face it, whether or not we've had some incredible sex in our lives, there's probably very few who have had it with a person from another dimension who can turn into an extra-large panther). What becomes the problem is when we really can't figure out how they're doing something. I mean, really can't figure it out. There are some scenes that I've read, and reread, and still can't "see" it. 
For me, this is where my critique partners are really invaluable. Because as a person outside my own head, they're only seeing what I'm writing, not the "movie" as it's playing out in my own mind as I'm writing. Here's an example that was - thank goodness - caught by a critique partner:
"He brought her hard against his body. His erection pressed into the giving softness of her belly and he groaned with need. When she started to pull away, he gripped her ass with both hands to hold her in place. He loved the feel of her raven hair winding around his hand. Ebony strands that slipped like the softest silk through his fingers."
NOT the picture I was trying to paint in my reader's minds! Chalk one up for a cut-and-paste fiasco.
So kudos to Tess and Lynn for catching many of these! I've had instances where the hero has ended up with three hands - one holding her back, one caressing her face and one sliding up under her skirt. Yikes! How about when they both wrap their legs around each other - while standing up? Hmmmm... Or when she's kneeling on the bed, he's thrusting from behind and he can still manage to pull her nipple into his mouth. Ok, I don't even want to go there. Just sounds so....painful. Puts all sorts of images in my mind that are more freakish than amazing. And it sure as hell pulls me out of the moment.
Eve Sex Writing Rule #2 - It's got to be possible!
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Posted by Lynn Daniels:

Possible? How about just *imaginable*?

:P :P :P

Some of those cut-n-paste victims make for interesting reading, don't they?
Friday, May 18th 2007 @ 9:35 PM

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