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Tuesday, June 19th 2007

1:30 PM

Not a fan of "too big to be believed" - or YIKES! Get that thing away from me!

Hello everyone!

I don’t know about you, but my summer just exploded on the scene about two weeks ago. Now, I’m not complaining – far from it! I absolutely LOVE summer. Love the trips, the pool, the family visits, the sleeping in (oh yes!). So…I just looked at the date on my last blog and oh my god. Too long! But I was reading a book last night (surprise, surprise – but not if you read Romancing the Blog and my response to the “Nibblers and Chewers” post by Jennifer Estep). Anyway, my reading reminded me of something else I’ve learned about writing sex and that I try my best to avoid.

Now it’s common knowledge that nearly every man will fit nearly every woman. At least in theory. Though it might be uncomfortable or slightly inconvenient for the couple, especially if they like to kiss (on the mouth) throughout the act if one is much taller than the other. But have you ever read a passage where the man is described as incredibly, and I mean INCREDIBLY, and quite ummm….shockingly—if all the attached adjectives and metaphors are to be believed—endowed and the woman is described as petite, frail and delicate? Personally, I find the inevitable joining of these two a little disturbing. Possibly this is because I’m fairly petite myself and regardless of the skill and hunkiness of the man, the idea of being on the receiving end of something the size of a baseball bat is rather unnerving. To say the least. Which is why this third rule is always a consideration when I’m writing and why I try to keep “endowment” descriptions within at least my realm of comfort.

Eve’s Sex Writing Rule #3 – A love scene should draw the reader in, excite them, even let them live vicariously through the characters enjoying experiences that in real life, would not be possible or desirable for the reader. HOWEVER, the love scene should never make a reader cringe!


P.S. For those who've been wondering & asking about the next Ilyrian Destiny book in the series - good news! The third book, Myrra's Choice, is finished and working its way through the editorial process. More info to follow....

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Posted by Siena:

First, love your books..you truly draw the reader in and make her feel like the heroine. I am almost dying for the next Ilyrian Destiny, but was hoping for it to be Connyn (all that male ferousiousness just has to be brought in line by a woman who is daring, determined and giving enough attitude to drive him crazy..ah how we love to see the mighty fallen)or Jordyn, he just seems sweet and sexy. Actually, thought Myrra would end up being the traitor, especially with her attitude toward Bethany and Brooke. Again, great books from a fabulously great imagination!! Your books are my secret diversion!:)
Friday, June 22nd 2007 @ 10:52 AM

Posted by Eve Jameson:

Thanks Siena! I'm working on both Connyn's and Jordyn's story right now (and Amdyn's is not far behind). And I have to admit, I'm LOVING watch Connyn get tangled up in his woman and so damn frustrated about it! She is definitely NOT what he expected and it's driving him crazy! Ok, back to writing....;)
Friday, June 22nd 2007 @ 11:14 AM

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